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The process used to eliminate burrs on metal products with circular vibrators filled with various types of abrasive preforms.

extremely efficient processing

Tumbling is used to deburr metal components. It is carried out in circular vibratory machines filled with various kinds of preformed abrasive media. Tumbling is used to prepare metal parts for further finishing (such as painting, nickel plating, etc.). It can also be an end to itself as it is the finishing treatment used for die-cast components for the automotive industry. The tumbling is carried out with automatic machines equipped with abrasive plastic cones for deburring. The steel surface of the product is tapped by abrasive cones capable of removing burrs and imperfections from mechanical or cutting processes.


1. The processing times of the tumbling are shorter than traditional technologies
2. The tumbling allows small quantity processing
3. The machines designed for tumbling are small and easy to use
4. Costs are reduced compared to other complex processes