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Vibratory metal polishing makes it possible to achieve extremely low surface roughness ( ≤ 0.02 Ra ). The process is based on the removal of peaks using medium abrasive media and diamond paste. Parts that are subjected to this treatment are largely of a technical or aesthetic nature, such as punches for dies, parts for the electromedical industry, mechanical parts, handles and other furnishing items, fashion accessories, etc.


WHAT IT IS: Keramofinish is a superfinishing process that polishes metal parts through the combined action of media/paste/compound. This process achieves a mirror finish on all types of surfaces.

Fields of application: Clothing – household items – furnishing – mechanics – lighting technology – medical, and many more.


As this is a mass finishing process manual handling and related costs are considerably reduced compared to conventional technologies. The large range and number of machines in our facility enables us to treat lots and volumes of various dimensions.